Arnold For Governor

Arnold SchwarzeneggerFacing stiff competitors like Larry Flynt (“The smut peddler who cares”), Gary Coleman (“I’m probably the least qualified for the job.”), Gallagher (“Wearing pants too low allows the pooper part to show.”), among a couple hundred other hopefuls, Arnold Schwarzenegger announced last night that he will run for California governor in the upcoming recall election. Fox News predictably compares this to past elections, noting that “Schwarzenegger’s candidacy stirs the specters of past entertainers-turned-politicians – former President Ronald Reagan, former Rep. Sonny Bono and former Gov. Jesse Ventura – in what is becoming one of the most fast-paced and idiosyncratic elections in recent memory.”

I don’t know what to think about Schwarzenegger’s candidacy yet, but of all of the “outsider” candidates, he seems like the least frivolous. However, that isn’t exactly a platform to run on. It’s early yet, so it’ll be interesting to hear more about his views on various issues. As one of the higher visibility candidates it seems like he could actually make a run at this, if only riding on his popularity, although that’s not necessarily the best solution for California. Still, the Sacramento Bee has an interesting editorial predicting his victory as well.

Larry Flynt’s “National Prayer Day For The Death Of Bill O’Reilly”

Yes, you read it right. Larry Flynt and “HUSLTER [sic] Magazine invites you to join [them] in prayer. On Tuesday, August 5th at 12:45pm, [they] have organized a special gathering to pray to God for Fox News Channel blowhard Bill O’Reilly’s death.” Although a bit extreme, I think that this is just hilarious, as Bill O’Reilly pretty much epitomizes the term “asshole.”

I suppose this is a tongue-in-cheek reaction to Pat Robertson’s recent “prayer offensive” to see whether it would be “possible for God to put it in the minds of these three [liberal Supreme Court] judges that the time has come to retire.” Yes, I know that Pat Robertson didn’t explicitly call for the death of Supreme Court justices, but I still feel that his crusade stopped just short of such a statement and definitely had some strong implications.

Although his bid for governor of California is almost certainly doomed to fail, you gotta hand it to Larry Flynt; he’s never been short in the cojones department, and this just solidifies it…

TRON 2.0 Game Demo Available

USA Today reports that the demo for the upcoming TRON 2.0 videogame is available. The official TRON 2.0 site has a huge amount of information and eye candy, and the GameSpot preview section has a review along with downloads and news on the release, as does the TRON Sector site. I heard about this upcoming release (currently scheduled for August 26th) a while ago, but this is the first time I’ve seen any good screenshots or read any reviews. So far, it looks and sounds really cool, so this may be the first computer game I’ve bought in some time.

TRON 2.0

“My Date With Drew”

I’m so rooting for this guy:

Here’s the deal. Brian has been crazy about Drew since the 2nd grade when he first saw her in E.T. So now it’s 20 years later and he figured since she hasn’t come knockin’ on his door, he’s gonna have to make the first move.

Problem… She’s Drew Barrymore!

But wait, it’s not as crazy as you might think. See, Brian figured he’d combine his two great passions in life – making movies and Drew Barrymore – and document his quest to meet Drew. That way he will represent the “everyman,” and his quest will seem noble… instead of just desperate.

Next problem…

Brian is completely broke. And he doesn’t even own a video camera to make this documentary. Fortunately, he recently won $1,100 on a game show! So he figured it must be fate. He will use this cash prize to seize the moment and pursue his dream. And as it turns out, you don’t even need any money to buy a video camera these days, thanks to Circuit City’s 30-day Return Policy. So he grabbed a friend’s credit card and picked out the most expensive camera in the store, knowing he will have to finish his documentary before the camera has to go back.

So now Brian has 30 days and $1,100 to get a date with Drew Barrymore.

With your help and a little bit of luck, Brian will succeed in his quest and “My Date with Drew” will inspire moviegoers everywhere to follow their dreams.

The 100 Worst “Groaners”

As reports,

A “groaner” is a hackneyed, overblown, stuffy or just plain silly cliché that turns up time after time in news scripts. Groaners show laziness on the part of writers, disrespect for the folks watching, and a general contempt for lively English. Here are some of the worst offenders. You’ll recognize them immediately, so get ready to groan!

Note to self: stop using the phrase “In the wake of…” :-p

Ashton Kutcher As Bo Duke?!

General LeeI’m sorry, Ashton, but you’re no John Schneider. And for that matter, Britney Spears is no Catherine Bach and Anthony Anderson is definitely no Sorrell Brooke. OK, enough name dropping. Rumor has it that those actors (along with Paul Walker of The Fast And The Furious) are interested in a Dukes Of Hazzard movie remake. I so hope that this is untrue. Although I’m a big fan of The Dukes Of Hazzard, recent TV reunions were pretty horrible, and I can’t see anything good coming from a movie remake, especially with such a horrible cast.

Ashton Kutcher needs to be bitch-slapped anyway, if only for his recent delusion that he and his friends are the “New Rat Pack.” I hope that Bruce Willis eventually comes to his senses and takes care of business…