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John Entwistle, bassist for The Who, was found dead in his Las Vegas hotel room yesterday morning. Initial reports are that he died of a heart attack, somewhat surprising since he was apparently in good health. His death came just a day before The Who launched their national tour in Las Vegas :-(.

Brazil is starting to package medicine as candy so that children that have trouble swallowing pills or are just stubborn will be more likely to take it. I just see this as a gigantic accident waiting to happen; the first time some child OD’s on “candy” we’ll hear about this. In fact, as usual this reminds me of a Simpsons episode: they went to a candy convention and the sign outside read “Welcome Candy Convention Room 1! Also Candy-Shaped Rat Poison Convention Room 11.”

Wired has a cool article on LucasFilm Foley artists that record the sounds for video games using everyday household items, all sorts of hardware, and whatever else their “active ears” can imagine as something else.

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Don't tread on me.Follow-up: As I figured, quite a furor was caused by a Federal Appeals Court decision that the words “under God” in the Pledge of Allegiance are unconstitutional. Bipartisan condemnation of this decision seems to be the trend of the day, ranging from “This is the worst kind of political correctness run amok” (Republican Senator Christopher Bond) to “Just nuts” (Democratic Senator Tom Daschle). However, I do think that it was particularly cheesy to hear that House members gathered on the Capitol steps to recite the Pledge Of Allegiance; that’s almost as bad as their horrible rendition of “God, Bless America” after 9/11.

The Federal Appeals Court basically disagreed with a lower court’s ruling that “the ceremonial reference to God in the pledge does not convey endorsement of particular religious beliefs.” Once again, I agree with this statement and see no reason why it should have been overturned.

On a related topic, a CNN interview with the litigant that brought suit in the first place shows how myopically he views the world. When asked whether “In God we trust” should be removed from all U.S. currency his reply was “Absolutely.” He also admitted his daughter was not ostracized in school for being an atheist or not reciting the Pledge, but that “My daughter is in the lawsuit because you need that for standing.” So the original basis for the suit is not even valid. Hmmm….