Larry Flynt’s “National Prayer Day For The Death Of Bill O’Reilly”

Yes, you read it right. Larry Flynt and “HUSLTER [sic] Magazine invites you to join [them] in prayer. On Tuesday, August 5th at 12:45pm, [they] have organized a special gathering to pray to God for Fox News Channel blowhard Bill O’Reilly’s death.” Although a bit extreme, I think that this is just hilarious, as Bill O’Reilly pretty much epitomizes the term “asshole.”

I suppose this is a tongue-in-cheek reaction to Pat Robertson’s recent “prayer offensive” to see whether it would be “possible for God to put it in the minds of these three [liberal Supreme Court] judges that the time has come to retire.” Yes, I know that Pat Robertson didn’t explicitly call for the death of Supreme Court justices, but I still feel that his crusade stopped just short of such a statement and definitely had some strong implications.

Although his bid for governor of California is almost certainly doomed to fail, you gotta hand it to Larry Flynt; he’s never been short in the cojones department, and this just solidifies it…

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