Another entry in my ongoing compilation of ‘80s music! This mix is all tracks from ’80s movies, leaning towards the fun/cheesy side. Since about half of the tracks were too obscure to be in Spotify, I’ll also post a link to SoundCloud so you can hear them all if you’re interested. Enjoy!

PSY vs Ghostbusters – Gangnam Busters – Mashup by FAROFF (by fanfaroff)

I thought I’d had enough of of Gangam Style mashups, but this one is all kinds of awesome.

[thanks to Damian for sharing]


Moving Sound Philips [1990]

Gizmodo notes:

Kudos to Philips for posting this incredibly awkward promotional spot called Moving Sound on the company’s official YouTube channel. If it’s not ashamed of the ad—which highlights everything terrible about the 1990s—then why should we shudder when watching it? And keep your eyes peeled for a few cameos by a young Javier Bardem sporting the same supervillain dye job he has in Skyfall.