“My Date With Drew”

I’m so rooting for this guy:

Here’s the deal. Brian has been crazy about Drew since the 2nd grade when he first saw her in E.T. So now it’s 20 years later and he figured since she hasn’t come knockin’ on his door, he’s gonna have to make the first move.

Problem… She’s Drew Barrymore!

But wait, it’s not as crazy as you might think. See, Brian figured he’d combine his two great passions in life – making movies and Drew Barrymore – and document his quest to meet Drew. That way he will represent the “everyman,” and his quest will seem noble… instead of just desperate.

Next problem…

Brian is completely broke. And he doesn’t even own a video camera to make this documentary. Fortunately, he recently won $1,100 on a game show! So he figured it must be fate. He will use this cash prize to seize the moment and pursue his dream. And as it turns out, you don’t even need any money to buy a video camera these days, thanks to Circuit City’s 30-day Return Policy. So he grabbed a friend’s credit card and picked out the most expensive camera in the store, knowing he will have to finish his documentary before the camera has to go back.

So now Brian has 30 days and $1,100 to get a date with Drew Barrymore.

With your help and a little bit of luck, Brian will succeed in his quest and “My Date with Drew” will inspire moviegoers everywhere to follow their dreams.

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