Futurama Is Gone For Good

FuturamaSlashdot reminded me that last night was the last episode of Futurama, which Fox has cancelled after five seasons. I must admit to never getting into Futurama like I did The Simpsons, but it was still a whole lot better than a lot of the shows out there. I totally blame Fox for never supporting the show like it should have. I remember watching the show not only get preempted almost every Sunday because of football and Fox’s idiotic time slot of 7:30 for the show, but also Fox would sometimes air the new episodes in progress because they refused to delay their Sunday lineup by a half-hour (which CBS never had a problem with)! What were they thinking? In the meantime, Slashdot recommended this Futurama web site, which is chock full of info on the show.

Guitar Face

Guitar Face is a

horribly disfiguring condition effecting tens of thousands of guitar players around the world. Blues players, particularly electric blues players, seem to suffer the most horrendous effects.

According to the page, the three most common guitar faces are the “Severely Constipated Look,” the “Mr. Magoo,” and the “Lewinsky.” And if you dare, “The ‘Advanced Guitar Face’ page contains horrific examples of human suffering.” Pretty funny…

Peanut, The Camera Van

Wired News reports on a very cool idea; converting an old mail-delivery truck to a fixed-aperture, fixed-focal-length camera, using a lens from an old submarine periscope. Dubbed “Peanut,” this project is the brainchild of Shaun Irving, who took a “harebrained scheme” and turned it into one hell of a pinhole camera. “Irving is hoping to attract corporate sponsors to finance his planned cross-country trip.” I hope he gets some backing, as I really admire what he’s come up with.

W – “Elite Force Aviator” Action Figure

W toyThis is just disgusting. I thought it was a joke, but apparently KB Toys is actually carrying an action figure portraying W as a real naval aviator. OK, so he was a pilot briefly in the Air National Guard, but that didn’t last long, as many sources have reported that he skipped most of his time, at the very least as a “pampered rich kid who took advantage,” and at the very worst as someone who went AWOL. That incident aside, this action figure is most directly influenced by W’s recent elaborately staged (and very expensive) landing aboard the aircraft carrier USS Abraham Lincoln from an S-3B Viking. I almost object to this more than I do his shifty service record, because in staging a farcical, jingoistic charade he not only exploited the conflict in Iraq to a political end but he also wasted millions in taxpayer dollars. If he really needed to make an appearance on the Lincoln (which is questionable to begin with), he could have easily taken a quick helicopter ride, but I think it’s quite obvious that he wouldn’t have had nearly as good of a photo op if he had chosen that route…

Update: Check out the Flash movie “Top Gun?” for a more detailed look at W’s less-than-stellar military record, and see some more rants at MetaFilter. :-p

Paul McCartney – Imposter?

This website seems to think so, and provides “undeniable forensic proof that Paul McCartney really was replaced with a look-alike in 1966.” I must admit that although this sounds like the ramblings of some wacko conspiracy nut, the author presents thorough, compelling evidence in the form of comparative, “forensic” images and audio as well as “clues” dropped by members of the band. The site links to the Paul Is Dead page, which delves into the “conspiracy” aspects of the alleged events as well as presenting some of the same “forensic” evidence. This is all just a bit too bizarre to believe, although…