Great Gift Ideas

The German counterpart to the CIA is marketing their own branded merchandise. Items for sale include t-shirts, calendars, pens, jackets, and more. Gifts for him include underwear labelled “Verschlusssache” (Classified,) “Streng Geheim” (Top Secret), or “Amtlich Geheim Gehalten” (Confidential). Unfortunately, it looks like Mrs. Santa Claus will have to travel to Berlin for this shopping spree, and the store won’t be open until next year.

Truth And Lies In Baghdad

In its story “Iraq: Truth and Lies in Baghdad”, PBS presents a series of videos in which their reporter Sam Kiley struggles to uncover information about Saddam Hussein’s campaign of civilian repression and Iraq’s weapons programs. I’m surprised that some of the video wasn’t confiscated, although in most cases the reporter’s efforts to find out information were thwarted by Iraqi officials. Anybody with any lingering doubts about Saddam Hussein’s blatant duplicity should watch these videos, although I find it hard to believe that anyone could be so na├»ve. (Links directly to RealVideo part 2 of 4)

Barbie Banned!

Yes, you read correctly: Barbie is being banned in Russia, along with a list of other toys and games. The article in The Guardian says that “Barbie, in particular, is under fire because the doll is thought to awaken sexual impulses in the minds of the very young, and encourage consumerism among Russian infants.” Because there’s nothing worse than Capitalist infant swines.


Once again, W plays hide and seek by himself, not realizing VP Cheney just wanted to get some work done and is not in fact “seeking” him. Visit Madville to see some more funny captions or add your own… W hides