The Beauty of Pixar

Wired posts:

As Pixar tries once again to become the first animation studio to win a Best Picture Oscar for its widely reveredToy Story 3, fan Leandro Copperfield uploaded a YouTube video stitching together 500 short movie scenes produced by Northern California’s animation hit factory.

The seven-minute compilation reel, titled “The Beauty of Pixar” and embedded above, serves as a reminder that the Emeryville, California-based hive of CGI artisans has composed animated sequences for movies like A Bug’s LifeWall-E and the Toy Story franchise that stand up to live-action work by Hollywood’s finest cinematographers.

The Daily What also points out that Copperfield composed the excellent “Tarantino vs Coen Brothers” and “Kubrick vs Scorsese” compilation videos.


A side-by-side comparison of the final scene from Back To The Future and the opening scene from Back To The Future II — i.e., the scene that had to be re-shot when Claudia Wells decided not to reprise the role of Jennifer Parker, and Elizabeth Shue stepped in.