Free & Legal Music Downloads from Local and Independent Bands

The Washington Post (which has all but replaced CNN as my primary news source of late) has a server full of free MP3s available for your listening pleasure. No P2P software required, no RIAA goons breathing down your neck, and no Britney Spears/Avril Lavigne/Jewel. Just lots of independent artists who want you to discover them, many of which are truly worth discovering. From the celebrated political humor of the Capitol Steps to the “bathroom a capella” of Da Vinci’s Notebook, there is something here for everybody.

Folks, it’s fine and good to bash the RIAA, but here’s your chance to help marginalize them completely. Ditch Britney, support indie music instead. Download some stuff here, find a band you like, then go see them play a gig at some intimate venue with a $5-10 cover charge, or maybe even free. Buy their album directly from them. You will hear more interesting music, you will help feed a starving musician, and you will piss off the RIAA and Clear Channel Communications all at the same time. What’s not to like?

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