Driko Is Growing Up (sort of)

As of an hour ago, Ulana and I are now proud new homeowners, a fact that daunts me and hasn’t quite sunk in yet. We have moved from St. Mary’s County to Calvert County, MD and are now Lusbyans (insert obligatory joke here). Looking around at all of the things that still need to get packed and moved in the coming week or so, I’m a little overwhelmed at everything that needs to get done, but I think we’ll manage, especially with the help of everyone that has graciously offered to come down and help us in our move. For those of you that haven’t seen pictures of the place, I took some crappy digital pictures way back when we were first looking and made a web page of them here.

Besides buying such a beautiful home, we have also inherited a new member of the family, another black cat named PIA (short for Pain In the Ass; lovely name). It looks like for now I’m destined to not have the typical cuddly lap cat, because this cat is even more timid than Ozzie, our somewhat rotund cat that suffers from asthma. Hopefully the two of them will get along OK; if not, PIA will need a new home…

Anyway, I’ll post any interesting news and stories about the new house in the weeks to come, but for now we need to get packing!

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