The Commodore Curiosity Page

Commodore 128 adThe Commodore 64 and 128 hold a special place in my heart, as they were one of the first computers I really worked on, although I had also played around with such icons as the TRS-80, Ti 99, Apple ][, ZX-81 and others. Still, the Commodore was not only easy to use and program, but it also had a hell of lot of cool games in its time, and I still get a hankering for some of them every now and then. The Commodore Curiosity Page has some interesting ads and tidbits of information; click on the picture at right to see a larger version of the fairly bold 1985 ad that Commodore came out with. Obviously (and unfortunately, IMNSHO), their plan of domination failed, although their follow-on computer, the Amiga, made some revolutionary breakthroughs that still linger. I keep forgetting to grab that C128 from my parents’ house so I can play some of those cool games again on the real thing, as emulators just don’t cut it…

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