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Avatar [rogerebert.com] Link to Delicious/driko

Posted: 18 Dec 2009 11:47 AM PST

I really want to see this; Roger Ebert’s review is pretty glowing, not that I needed any convincing…

5 “Oddball” Crocs Discovered, Including Dinosaur-Eater

Posted: 18 Dec 2009 11:34 AM PST

I really like the word “crocodilyform.” Oh, and all I can think of when I see these new names is “ManBearPig” from South Park… 😉

Shellie Ross Twitter Uproar: Mom’s Tweets After Son Drowns Spark UPROAR

Posted: 18 Dec 2009 06:17 AM PST


Has dark matter finally been detected? [The Guardian]

Posted: 18 Dec 2009 06:15 AM PST

Facebook Privacy Tips: 9 Ways To Protect Your Privacy On Facebook

Posted: 18 Dec 2009 06:14 AM PST

Predator drones use less encryption than your TV, DVDs

Posted: 18 Dec 2009 05:23 AM PST

Wow, it never would have crossed my mind that they were broadcasting in the clear…

Thank you Google for the SLOOOW Internet [Royal Pingdom]

Posted: 18 Dec 2009 05:19 AM PST

“by making airport Wi-Fi free [at some airports] for everyone, and apparently not upping capacity, Google has essentially crippled access for everyone instead. No one is getting a good connection. If Google weren’t sponsoring the Wi-Fi access, fewer would be using it and performance would be better. People who are ready to pay for decent Internet access while waiting for their flight, like our colleagues, can’t.”

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