NHL Is Back

NHLIn case you hadn’t noticed, the NHL is back. It wouldn’t be surprising if you didn’t notice, as one of the few TV networks that used to carry games early in the season, ESPN, decided not to renew its contract. If you want to catch any games on TV, you’ll have to tune in to OLN (Outdoor Life Network), a station affiliated with the cable provider Comcast. Additionally, Comcast is apparently streaming selected NHL games over broadband Internet connections, but I haven’t tried that out for myself.

Although I am happy to be able to play Fantasy Hockey again, the beginning of the season seems very anticlimactic to me because of this lack of coverage. It remains to be seen whether the NHL will be able to mend its image after missing an entire season…

For those of you that are into hockey (Fantasy or otherwise), I think that CBS’ online hockey coverage is far better than that of the NHL and includes very cool interfaces to track games in progress, as well as many other features. Additionally, Kafenatid is now back online with real-time Fantasy score tracking and schedule breakdowns.

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