Masters Of Deception

Masters of DeceptionAl Seckel’s book Masters Of Deception: Escher, Dali & the Artists of Optical Illusion showcases the “visual trickery” employed by twenty artists well-known for their innovative use of optical illusion and perspective. This in itself sounds very cool, but what’s even cooler is the website he created to accompany the book:

There are a number of incredible artistic works featured in Masters of Deception, which require movement to appreciate their full impact. Additionally, I had in my possession various interviews with some of the book’s featured artists that I wanted to share with my readership. Unfortunately, the publisher was unwilling to produce a CD to accompany the book. I have created this web site, therefore, to augment and enhance the reader’s experience by presenting those works and interviews that I could not present in book form.

The website has dozens of QuickTime videos available for viewing that show that artists at work as well as highlight some important works of art. Definitely check it out…

The Nitpicker’s Guide To The Lord Of The Rings

The One RingNow that the extended version of Return Of The King has been released on DVD, Phil Eskew has updated his site The NitPicker’s Guide to the Lord of the Rings to reflect the additional scenes. His goal was to compile “a lengthy list of deviations to be found when comparing the text of The Lord of the Rings by J.R.R. Tolkien and the translation of those texts to film as undertaken by Peter Jackson, et al.”

I’ve done enough ranting about the Star Wars DVD release, so Iwill try not to sound as geeky in my complaints over the Lord Of The Rings, although I must say that I have more of an attachment to J.R.R. Tolkien’s books than I do to the Star Wars movies. However, overall I think Peter Jackson did an excellent job in adapting the books to the silver screen. My worry all along was that his vision would overwhelm the images and emotions I’ve created in my mind over the years while reading and rereading the series. All in all, though, I was surprised at how closely my imagination meshed with Jackson’s.

I too share some of the grievances enumerated in the Nitpicker’s Guide, but despite some egregious omissions and additions (don’t get me started on Arwen) I think this might be the best adapatation of a novel to a movie that I’ve ever seen. Now I just need to find 12 hours or so to watch all three of the extended version DVDs at once… 😉

Firefox Resources

MozillaI came across some sites that highlight the customizability of Mozilla Firefox, offering some useful tips, tweaks, and resources:

The 8 Bits Of Christmas

8 Bits Of ChristmasThis is so cool; listen to/download The 8 Bits Of Christmas right now!

This very special holiday release from 8bitpeoples features an allstar cross-platform lineup that is sure to make yours a truly chippy christmas indeed. Brought together from all corners of the globe, these 8 amazing tunes were composed by 8 dedicated chiptune maniacs on 8 different videogame consoles and homecomputers! Featuring the sounds of Yerzmyey on the Spectrum, Nullsleep on the NES, Vim on the VIC20, Paul Slocum on the Atari 2600, Bit Shifter on the GameBoy, Goto80 on the C64, Dma-Sc on the Atari ST, and Hally on the X68000, there is only one way to celebrate the holidays right this year, and this is it.