Audi Illusions

The Presurfer summarized this entrancing Audi A6 commercial (links directly to QuickTime video) so well that I’ll just go ahead and quote the post verbatim:

Illusions, a new advertisement for the Audi A6, is worth a second glance. Or two. Indeed, the more times you see Illusions, the more the sophisticated visual trickery concealed beneath its serene surface becomes apparent.

The spot features an Audi A6 traversing a cityscape that seems at first to be quite normal. But gradually the eye tunes in to the strangeness.

Warps and transformations of the streets and buildings that create impossible paths and spaces, optical puzzles that challenge the eye and the mind, all based around M.C. Escher’s famously baffling art.

Definitely watch this one more than once…

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