Rock & Roll Immortals

The latest Rolling Stone contains a feature entitled The Immortals: The 50 Greatest Artists Of All Time:

The Immortals are the greatest rock & roll artists of all time. They are also more than that. The fifty men, women and bands celebrated in the following pages (and in an exclusive photo gallery) are the singers, songwriters, record makers and performers who are continually in the music – as pioneers, teachers and stars; touching our souls and pulling us to our feet, on a daily basis – even when they are no longer with us. And this is not just a list… [more here]

The coolest thing is that for every artist or group in the list, a tribute article is written by another artist who was influenced by them. It looks like you can only view the top ten online, obviously compelling you to buy the April 15th issue to read the rest. It looks like it might be worth it, though…

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