AwasuSeveral months ago I posted about my initial forays into RSS and news aggregators. Since that time, I’ve been using RSS readers daily, and I’ve finally found an application that I like enough to recommend. After trying Amphetadesk, News Monster, and Feed Reader, I’ve gotten to absolutely love Awasu. I must point out that although I really liked News Monster, especially its seamless integration with Mozilla/Firebird, I could not install it at work because I don’t have admin privileges on my machine, making it all but useless for me :-(.

Awasu is simply the perfect RSS aggregator, intelligently organizing all of the different feeds I subscribe to with an interface that is attractive, easy to navigate, and easy to customize. The biggest selling point for me is the recent addition of the ability to synchronize all of the information about your feeds between multiple computers, finally allowing me to read feeds at home right where I left off at work. There are loads of other features that I’ve skipped over here, including the use of plug-ins, but the nice thing I’ve found is that you can work your way up to advanced features while still getting into the swing of how everything works. I definitely recommend Awasu for anyone looking for a news aggregator. It’s a big time-saver for me, and I’m sure that you’ll find it equally useful it if you haven’t tried it yet.

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