Only The Ball Should Bounce

Tennis star wannabe Anna Kournikova has announced the “U.S. rollout of her Multiway Sports Bra by Britain’s Shock Absorber. In ads, the Russian will model the product, with the tagline: ’Only the ball should bounce.’” Sounds like an intelligent, well-thought-out campaign. I hope this doesn’t affect her resurgent tennis career. Oh, wait; she doesn’t have one. :-p


I’ve decided to give up on the ‘80s message board I started a couple of months ago. I was hoping to introduce it as a good forum for people to talk ’80s and answer each others questions, but participation was so infrequent that I’ve decided to give up on it for now. Maybe I just didn’t “market” it as well as I could have on this site and my ’80s site, but I know that there are other ’80s message boards out there with a much larger following, so more than likely there just wasn’t room for me to compete there.

Thanks for everyone who posted to and supported the board for the short time it was around. In the meantime, please continue to e-mail me with any suggestions, questions, etc. you may have. It’s always fun to hear from you…

Blasphemous Post Of The Day

God DetectorJust when I thought I’d seen it all, I came upon the Yo, God! God Detector. Why would one need this? I’ll let them answer:

How many times have we heard it said, “Oh, Lord, give me a sign!” Alas, too often the reply is vague and ambiguous: the phone rings at an opportune time, a feather falls from out of the blue, a water stain appears that resembles a religious image. We all want to know if God exists; maybe He just needs a reliable method to let us know He’s here.

I’m just wondering whether anyone will actually think this is real… 😉

DHTML Lemmings

LemmingsRemember the game Lemmings? Well, it’s time to experience the game again with DHTML Lemmings, as someone has reprogrammed the entire game to run in your web browser. Enjoy!

Lack Of Updates

Sorry for the lack of updates this week. I’ve been in training all week, so my “blog breaks” during the day aren’t happening, and I’ve been too busy/tired to post once I get home. I have a couple of draft posts in the works, so hopefully you’ll hear from me soon…