Jack Black Rules

Jack BlackJack Black is one of the few actors that never fails to brighten a film with his performance. I’ve enjoyed him in every movie I’ve seen him in, and his Tenacious D CD is hard-rocking, hilarious, and simply awesome. The band’s website is pretty cool too. I found a link to a trailer for his upcoming movie School Of Rock, but I stopped watching because it looked so damn funny that I didn’t want to ruin it. I will definitely have to see this movie come October. I also came upon a site called The Jenville Show: Cooking With Rock Stars that interviewed Jack Black about his culinary skills and tastes, revealing his favorite recipe, the Dorito Burrito. The Greatest Jack Black Site In The World is a pretty fun site to round out this post; it covers just about everything Jack Black.

Update: I had to add this page with a trailer to the upcoming movie Envy, starring Jack Black, Ben Stiller, and Christopher Walken. It looks like it has promise, although we’ll have to see…

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