New House Stuff

Now that the power has been reconnected we did our walkthrough yesterday, and everything seems to be working properly, not that we were too worried about that. One set of new neighbors came over to introduce themselves, which turned out to be quite a surprise. When I opened the door for them, I immediately thought that the guy looked familiar. It turns out that he and I both graduated from the same class at the University of Maryland (‘96 aerospace engineering), and we both work at Pax River, although I already knew that from the previous owner. How cool is that?

PIA, the new cat, seems quite traumatized and hid the entire time we were there. I hope she comes around. I was worried that our cat Ozzie would have problems adjusting (and he still might), but seeing how scared this cat was, I’m wondering whether she’ll be able to deal with Ozzie, and not the other way around.

Things aren’t looking too good for the airshow here at Pax River this weekend. I keep seeing different reports, but in general they all contain varying degrees of rain, so it could be another wash. Missing the one at Andrews Air Force Base last week due to the weather was bad enough, but I wasn’t too disappointed, secure/hopeful in the knowledge that this weekend will probably be better. Oh well. 🙁

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