OK, Blogger is going nuts and is corrupting posts today. Be prepared for some weirdness until I sort this out. It looks like it combined a new post with an old post in some unholy combination that I can’t fix, so I’m not having much luck here. I’m going to have to repost things with today’s date and hope things sort themselves out in the archive. Unfortunately, I lost some of the (rare) comments posted. This is really annoying…

Update: I’ve contained the problem, but it’s not totally gone. If you look below, the post about a new Ikea ad is the one that started this whole thing. Every now and then Blogger messes up hyperlinks and corrupts a single post, but it’s never escalated to the point where it messed up other posts as well. Some creative redating and reformatting of posts seems to have brought things back to somewhat normal, but I’m pretty pissed off at having to figure all of this out.

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