Absolut Eighties 92

Another entry in my ongoing compilation of ‘80s music!  The tone of this mix is generally upbeat, with some slightly cheesy tunes in the playlist.

I’m curious whether this format holds enough interest for me to post previous mixes; let me know what you think!

The Adventures of Tintin teaser trailer #1

I’m a huge fan of the Tintin books, so when I heard that Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson were involved in a cinematic adaptation, I had high hopes.  Unfortunately, this trailer really is a teaser.   I can’t quite see enough of the CGI characters to decide whether they’re too much or too little like the books, and especially whether they fall into the trap of the Uncanny Valley.  Hopefully the next trailers will show a little more…

Dimming soon to a theater near you.

Dimming soon to a theater near you.