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    Video about world’s greatest soda pop store – Boing Boing Link to Delicious/driko

    Posted: 04 Nov 2009 04:59 PM PST

    Awesome! It’s nice to see someone start and maintain a successful business that he loves…

    Why You Should Always Be Careful While Using a Forklift [Gizmodo]

    Posted: 04 Nov 2009 04:57 PM PST

    “In this video, a hapless Russian warehouse worker destroys about $250,000 of precious, precious vodka in about 3 seconds (he escaped unscathed).”

    “Do I have the right to refuse this search?” [Homeland Security Watch]

    Posted: 04 Nov 2009 11:58 AM PST

    “It is now apparent to me that in the haste to ensure compliance with procedures that are inconsistent if not inarticulable, TSA has hastened the likelihood of failure. If we do not insist that TSA work to create articulable policies that make sense, procedures that are explicit and consistent and training that supports both, then we are complicit in what will inevitably be an ultimate compromise of TSA.”

    Becoming a More Creative Photographer [photo.net]

    Posted: 04 Nov 2009 11:22 AM PST

    7 Surprising Kick-Ass Things You Can Do with Google Sketchup [Maximum PC]

    Posted: 04 Nov 2009 10:59 AM PST

    Don’t Miss These 5 Things About Google Wave! [Bit Rebels]

    Posted: 04 Nov 2009 04:07 AM PST