HP Discovers “God Particle” of Electronics?

Popular Science reports that HP has discovered the potential “God Particle” of electronics. The article explains that:

The device, a nanoscale component called a “memristor,” requires no power to retain data, which it can store more densely than a hard drive and access about as fast as a computer’s RAM memory—potentially allowing it to replace both components in the future.

The memristor was theorized in the early seventies by an electrical engineer named Leon Chua, but it took decades before anyone could prove it exists.

The Slashdot thread on the subject is also interesting…

Chuck Lorre Vanity Cards

I’m a fan of the current TV shows Two And A Half Men and The Big Bang Theory, both creations of Chuck Lorre. If you’ve seen the shows (as well as some of his other shows not on the air anymore), you’ve probably noticed the “vanity card” message he inserts at the end of each episode. They’re generally personal monologues or unusual anecdotes and are usually worth the read (or listen; some recent ones are audio and require a visit to his site).

I mention this because I came across a Wall Street Journal article talking about it, which intrigued me enough to start perusing his Official Vanity Card Archives.