Science’s 10 Most Beautiful Experiments, presented by Physics World, encompass some of the most important, yet elegantly simple scientific discoveries.

Update: For those of you adamantly against registering with the New York Times (unfortunately required to view online articles), use “Metafilter0” as the login and “Metafilter” as the password.

Keanu Reeves is supposed to play Superman in the upcoming Superman: Last Son Of Krypton. I think the “Reeves” thing must have confused somewhat dim movie producers, since as we know both George Reeves and Christopher Reeve played the Man of Steel on TV and in the movies. Hmmm, who doesn’t fit in here? Somehow, I can’t picture Superman saying, “Whoa.”

With rumors of a Nirvana boxed set and/or Greatest Hits CD surfacing, there are questions as to who “owns” the music of Kurt Cobain. The Rolling Stone article tells of master tapes found in Krist Novoselic’s basement, one of which includes a pretty cool 1994 unreleased recording, “You Know You’re Right."  However, the dispute between Novoselic, Dave Grohl, and Courtney Love continues, so grab the MP3 while you can.

Update: As I feared, the link to the MP3 is now broken. You’ll just have to wait for the CD, visit your favorite p2p application (*cough*Kazaa Lite*cough*), or beg me to e-mail it to you ;-).

Google News is pretty damn cool. The page is apparently automatically generated from “4,000 continuously updated news sources” and does a pretty good job IMHO. I remember a couple of years ago when I “discovered” how great their search engine was. And look at them now, they’re all grown up…

This is the most unreal and amazing story I have read in a long time. “Man rescued after months at sea

Having lived in Orange County, CA I can tell you that Catalina is about 35 miles from Long Beach. On a smog free day you can see the island from the mainland. That makes this story even more amazing to me. Gilligan never had it so tough.

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