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    Lehrer’s Rules Link to Delicious/driko

    Posted: 23 Dec 2009 03:11 PM PST

    “I promise you, one thing is never going to change. And that’s our mission. People often ask me if there are guidelines in our practice of what I like to call MacNeil/Lehrer journalism. Well, yes, there are. And here they are:” Great list.

    Sweden’s bizarre tradition of watching Donald Duck (Kalle Anka) cartoons on Christmas Eve. [Slate Magazine]

    Posted: 23 Dec 2009 06:54 AM PST

    OK then.

    5 Google Chrome Extensions That Could Finally Make Me Switch From Firefox

    Posted: 23 Dec 2009 05:16 AM PST

    How do I know China wrecked the Copenhagen deal? I was in the room [The Guardian]

    Posted: 23 Dec 2009 04:50 AM PST

    Fscking asshats.

    ‘Sesame Street,’ ‘227’ star Alaina Reed-Amini dies [CNN.com]

    Posted: 23 Dec 2009 04:36 AM PST

    This is sad to hear… 🙁

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