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    Google Chrome Extensions: History2 Link to Delicious/driko

    Posted: 22 Dec 2009 07:04 PM PST

    World’s Smallest Snowman

    Posted: 22 Dec 2009 07:03 PM PST

    “The snowman is 10 µm across, 1/5th the width of a human hair. The snowman was made from two tin beads used to calibrate electron microscope astigmatism. The eyes and smile were milled using a focused ion beam, and the nose, which is under 1 µm wide (or 0.001 mm), is ion beam deposited platinum.”

    Brittany Murphy and Dead Celebrities 2009 – Are We Enjoying Celebrity Deaths Too Much? [Esquire]

    Posted: 22 Dec 2009 11:24 AM PST

    Eric Loewen’s Disposal of Nuclear Waste [Esquire]

    Posted: 22 Dec 2009 11:22 AM PST

    “The miracle solution goes by different names: the sodium fast reactor, the integral fast reactor, the liquid-metal-cooled reactor. It burns nuclear waste, emits no CO2, and shuts itself down in an accident. We have enough fuel to power the whole world for tens of thousands of years. It will end global warming, and even if global warming is just another paranoid Armageddon fantasy, it will save us from the dying oceans and starvation and resource wars that are inevitable as the world’s energy supply dwindles. It will unleash new industries and revitalize America’s manufacturing industry.”

    Girl, Interrupted: The Life & Death Of Brittany Murphy [Jezebel]

    Posted: 22 Dec 2009 10:22 AM PST

    Prague TV Tower – World’s Largest Spherical Panorama

    Posted: 22 Dec 2009 09:06 AM PST

    Amazingly done full panorama

    Homer Simpson Collection [Abduzeedo]

    Posted: 22 Dec 2009 08:47 AM PST

    Awesome collection of Homer Simpson-inspired artwork…

    Difficult languages: Tongue twisters [The Economist]

    Posted: 22 Dec 2009 06:33 AM PST

    15 Biggest Internet Controversies of the Past Decade

    Posted: 22 Dec 2009 06:22 AM PST

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