2006 State Of The Union Drinking Game

WSince The State Of The Union Address falls on a work night as usual, I probably won’t fully engage in a Drinking Game. However, I can tell you that I’ll need a couple to get through it. 😉 Here are some suggestions for those of you that do want to play along:

Enjoy! I know I’ll be nice and surly… 😉

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Public Image Ltd. on American Bandstand

Screenhead unearths an unusual video of Public Image Ltd.’s appearance on American Bandstand:

Johnny wanders around for a bit not lip-synching the song Poptones, which pisses off aptly named Dick Clark. Possbly the best thing on American Bandstand. We’ve had this on before, but the link died quickly after being featured. Probably our most requested clip, here’s YouTube to the rescue.

I love this kind of stuff… 🙂


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