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    Posted: 30 Jan 2010 10:19 AM PST
    Posted: 30 Jan 2010 10:12 AM PST
    “Is your browser configuration rare or unique? If so, web sites may be able to track you, even if you limit or disable cookies.” My browser “appears to be unique among the 324,315 tested so far.” Figures…
    Posted: 29 Jan 2010 07:39 PM PST
    Posted: 29 Jan 2010 07:28 PM PST
    Posted: 29 Jan 2010 07:23 PM PST
    Cliff Chiang recreated some classic ‘80s album covers with comic book superheroes. Brilliant!
    Posted: 29 Jan 2010 06:59 PM PST
    “In this project, you’ll find WanderingBert (That’s me!) endeavouring to draw as many batman villains as possible. Even the obscure and mostly unknown ones. And even the dumb ones that may look interesting but suck as actual villains. Even them.”

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