Introducing Our Twins!

Ulana and I are proud to announce the two newest additions to the Chornopeckyj household, Isadora Nadiya (in the red hat) and Zorianna (“Zoe”) Sophia (in the white hat). They were born Monday, December 15th at 8:49 PM and 8:50 PM, respectively. Both were 17" long; Isadora weighed 5 lbs. 5 oz. and Zoe weighed 4 lbs. 15.7 oz.

More pictures and videos are coming once we’re settled in at home…

This post happens to also be the inaugural post to our new family blog Casa Chornopeckyj, located here. In case that title’s a bit confusing, it’s a fusion of my last name — Chorney — and Ulana’s — Koropeckyj. 🙂

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