Arrested Development…The Movie?

Fox has a long history of cancelling great TV shows. (It also has a more established history of airing some really crappy shows, but I digress.) Family Guy and Futurama immediately spring to mind when talking about cancelled series, but both of those shows received reprieves of sorts, with Fox resurrecting Family Guy and creating straight-to-DVD features of Futurama. I came upon the amazing show Firefly well after it was cancelled and can’t believe that Fox cancelled it so ignominiously. The movie Serenity was a great return to the Firefly universe, but it was another exception to the rule. Many shows were not so lucky, like Andy Richter Controls The Universe, Wonderfalls, Undeclared, Arrested Development, and some more that I’ll probably kick myself for forgetting.

I bring all of this up because Paste Magazine reports that an Arrested Development movie may be in the works. I’m happy to hear it, but I’d prefer that they just not cancel great shows in the first place… ;-p


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