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YACCS is no longer supporting its commenting system, so at their suggestion I’m going to attempt to switch over to Blogger’s commenting system. If I’ve written my template correctly, old comments should still be visible and all new posts will use the Blogger commenting system. This will probably take some time to sort out, so please help me test this out and let me know what you think.

Update: The new comments system seems to work fine, but the default comment settings in Blogger don’t seem to be working properly. As I understand these instructions, you can turn off commenting by default for all new posts, only enabling it on selected posts. That setting does not seem to be working, as Blogger comments are turned on for all posts, old and new, even after I altered this setting. Because of this, the template hack to show old YACCS comments is not working properly unless I manually disable Blogger comments for each post (as I’ve done in the post below as a test).

I’ve written Blogger to see what’s going on, but for now, you will only be able to comment under the “new” system (except for the post below). If I have to manually disable comments for all old posts, then I’m not switching over my commenting system and may even need to think about moving to WordPress or some other blogging platform, because this is ridiculous…

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