Chris Daughtry To Receive Offer From Fuel

First of all, yes, I still watch American Idol. I’m fully aware of how cheesy the show is, but I still tune in every week. :-p Anyway, for those of you like me who can’t believe that ostensible front-runner Chris Daughtry got voted off last night, there is a small bit of silver lining: supposedly tonight he will announce that the band Fuel is offering him a gig as vocalist.

I’m not sure how this will work considering that Fuel already has a vocalist, but I’m actually somewhat glad that Daughtry got this gig rather than winning. If that had happened, it would have all but ensured his indentured servitude by the American Idol marketing machine, which would’ve surely castrated mainstreamed his sound beyond recognition. However, I suppose he’ll still have to do the cheesy summer tour thing with the rest of the top contestants, which isn’t much better. Here’s hoping that this gig will lead to bigger and better things for him, as I think he deserves them…

Update: CNN confirms that Fuel “offered Daughtry a job Thursday.” I didn’t realize that Brett Scallions, their lead singer, had quit some time ago, so this now makes a lot of sense. The article goes into some more detail about Daughtry’s time on American Idol and reminded me that he sang the Fuel song Hemorrhage on the show several weeks ago.


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