The History Of Mozilla Firefox

FirefoxFlexbeta has an informative article on The History of Mozilla Firefox. It sure seems like it’s been around longer than three years or so, though. The article details changes in appearances and features, starting from its initial incarnation as Phoenix 0.1, to its transformation to Firebird in version 0.6, and finally to the present Firefox after version 0.8. I believe I got on board around version 0.3 and have never looked back…

Scientific American’s Mea Culpa

too much and too little has reprinted a great Scientific American editorial from its upcoming April issue (definitely no coincidence there). The editorial issued a satirical mea culpa for its previous “hideously one-sided” coverage of evolution, a theory that is way too “bogged down in details” when compared to the conveniently vague ideas of Intelligent Design. 😉 Check it out here.