Firefox Extensions Update

Get FirefoxIt’s time to update my favorite Firefox extensions lists with a couple of new entries that I find useful. I’ll try to avoid repeats, referring you to my previous posts for other favorites. Let me know if there’s any interest in a comprensive list:

  • Aardvark: Allows you to view and selectively disable different entities on a web page, especially useful for printing or understanding how a page was constructed.
  • Clusty toolbar: A great replacement or complement to Dictionary Search, Clusty lets you right click on words or phrases and get dictionary or encyclopedia “clips” as miniature pop-ups. You can easily disable the actual toolbar (I did) and rely on the right-click context menu if you want…
  • Tab Mix: I found this extension to be more stable than my previously recommended Tabbrowser Extensions. This is a must-have in order to get all the possible functionality out of tabbed browsing. The only thing I didn’t like is that it does not include a “reload tab” function, so I had to install the Reload Every extension that does the job via a right-click on the page, although I really preferred being able to right-click on the tab itself. Oh well…
  • ForecastFox: I can’t remember whether I posted that the excellent weather extension WeatherFox changed names to ForecastFox, so I’ll mention it now.
  • Flat Bookmark Editing: After you’ve installed this extension, you’ll wonder why this isn’t the default way to organize and edit bookmarks…
  • LinkChecker: This is a godsend for web developers, checking and highlighting all links in a page in green or red to indicate whether they are still active or not.
  • FxIF: Display an image’s EXIF information in the properties box if it exists.
  • MozBackup: Not really an extension, but a great application that can back up and restore your Firefox or Thunderbird profile.

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