Cheney Needs A Timeout

I’m sure that everyone heard about Dick Cheney telling Senator Leahy to “Fuck off” on the Senate floor. I was sorely tempted to post about it, but it seemed like old news by the time I got around to it.

Anyway, Cheney’s slip was cast back into the spotlight when 12-year old Ilena Wexler, who “won a speaking role for launching a Web site called,” addressed the Democratic Convention last night. According to ClickOnDetroit,

Wexler told delegates that she’d heard about Cheney’s heated exchange with Democratic Sen. Patrick Leahy on the Senate floor – during which Cheney used what the 12-year-old calls “a really bad word.” She said if she used that word herself, she’d get a “timeout” – and she thinks that’s what should happen to Cheney.

I think he deserves a timeout for some other things as well, but that’s another story. This is obviously a publicity stunt, but I still think it’s funny…

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