Georgia Considers Banning “Evolution”

CNN reports that Georgia state school superintendent Kathy Cox has proposed “striking the word evolution from Georgia’s science curriculum and replacing it with the phrase ‘biological changes over time.’” In a pathetic attempt to ameliorate this moronic move, Cox said “the concept of evolution would still be taught under the proposal, but the word would not be used.” At least some people realize how idiotic this is: “’If you’re teaching the concept without the word, what’s the point?’ said Rep. Bobby Franklin, a Republican [my emphasis]. ‘It’s stupid. It’s like teaching gravity without using the word gravity.’”

The story claims that Cox is bowing to pressure on teachers from “socially conservative” parents: “’If teachers across this state, parents across this state say, "This is not what we want,” then we’ll change it.’“ Yeah, that makes sense. Let’s change all of the history and science we don’t like (or, more likely, don’t understand).

I am just incensed by this ignorant, blatantly transparent attempt to impose Bible Belt religious views on unwitting children. Believe me, there are many other things that I would like to say about this, but I will stifle my bile-filled thoughts of rancor before I say something I’ll regret. Probably a first, I know… :-p

Update: Former President (and Georgia native) Jimmy Carter released a statement about this debacle: "As a Christian, a trained engineer and scientist, and a professor at Emory University, I am embarrassed by Superintendent Kathy Cox’s attempt to censor and distort the education of Georgia’s students.”

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