Commodore 64 On The Nokia Series 60 Cell Phone

Christian Bauer has written Frodo S60, an emulator that allows Nokia Series 60 Cell Phones to run Commodore 64 games and programs. Although I don’t own this model of cell phone, it certainly is tempting now. 😉 However, this post did expose me to C64 Unlimited, a great web site with thousands of Commodore 64 games available for download. There are many emulators that allow you to run Commodore programs on the PC, but nothing beats the real thing, IMHO. Which brings me to this bit of news: I finally dug up my old Commodore 128 last time I visited my parents, and by some miracle it actually works! I’ll be setting it back up at my house soon; digging through all of my old games will be quite the nostalgic trip… 🙂

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