DVD Copying Back-Up Software

I finally found a review on DVD X Copy, an application that purports to be able to “back up & copy DVD movies,” the first time I’ve seen any software package make that claim. Apparently, it works as advertised, which surprised me a little. However, 321 Studios is already being sued by the MPAA, which was the first thought that came into my mind when I read about this.

ThinkGeek is selling the software separately and as part of a DVD burner bundle. I’m thinking of jumping on this, although if the company goes under, development may never progress and outstanding bugs may never get fixed. It is pretty expensive, $99 at most places, but DVD media is getting cheaper and it would pay for itself pretty quickly once I start “backing up” movies. So far the recording process only works on one layer at a time, meaning that multiple layer DVDs need to be spread onto more than one disc, so that is a bit of a pain. I imagine that newer generations of the software and DVD-Recordable drives will remedy this, though. Any thoughts or comments?

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