Update: I’m working on the layout of the blog and will eventually convert it to my main page rather than have a separate blog page. I’ll try and remember to e-mail my “regular” viewers once I’ve done this, but even if I don’t I’ll leave a placemaker page once I make the move. I’m not sure I like the scheme just yet, and I see some cross-browser issues, so things may be a little out of place until I figure them out. I really hate dealing with Internet Explorer, but web logs show that about 80% of my hits come from IE, so I guess I have to accommodate them. Also, earlier versions of Netscape aren’t working out as well either because of some of the CSS formatting, although I’ve minimized the problem as best as I can for now. For those of you wavering, download Mozilla, the open source browser from Netscape! It has the best HTML and CSS support out of all the browsers out there, and it might just piss Bill Gates off a little.

Anyway, comments and suggestions are welcome and appreciated!

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