Why did the US Embassy in Kenya receive 14 cows? The story is touching and poignant, and shows that some things transcend global boundaries.

When members of the Masai tribe in Kenya first heard about the 9/11 attacks, they really had no perspective from which to understand the impact it had on the US. When a tribe member studying as a medical student in the US returned to his kinsmen and told the horrific story, the tribe decided that something needed to be done. The result is a priceless gift that stands as a testimony to the tribe’s compassion and humanity.

Yo Joe! We can all learn a lot from the G.I. Joe cartoon. Here’s an archive of all of the “Knowing is half the battle” endings.

The ‘canes win Game 1! On paper, Detroit is the much better team, but I have to admit that I was rooting for the underdog. Perhaps the folks at ESPN have a little “egg on their face” after this victory…

Click or save this link to a Windows Media movie! In the clip, Conan O’Brien’s Triumph the dog conducts a hilarious interview of Stars Wars geeks waiting in line for the movie. It’s pretty huge (17MB!), but well worth the download if you can handle the size.

This well-written piece about 10 Technology Disasters highlights some lesser-known failures in applying new technology. In almost every case, a relatively obvious (in retrospect, at least) flaw was to blame.

Woo hoo! Indiana Jones 4 finally seems to be moving along. In this interview with Steven Spielberg, he opines that “Harrison Ford can still kick the s**t out of most people half his age.” Well, although he’s definitely the only man for the part, I recall him looking a little out of shape back in Temple of Doom even…

USAF F-15s inadvertently ‘save the day’ in California. Apparently, rival gangs in Torrance, CA “scattered like roaches” after a flyover by F-15s participating in a nearby airshow. I’ll refrain from any “excessive use of force” jokes. Oops, too late.