ELA in “Love at First Byte”

I’m almost at a loss to try and explain this one. ELA in Love at First Byte (Vimeo video link) is a mesmerizingly craptacular live-action/animated short film. Here’s the pitch:

Invasion! E.L.A. is a young girl in love back in home planet Earth. But the power of her love is too big to be limited to solely one being. An extremely bizarre love triangle unravels an invasion of epic proportions, and E.L.A. is set on an adventure to save planet Earth from the evil claws of Havra the Merciless!! Will she succeed on such risky endeavor? What´s the secret weapon that will help her defend us all from utter evilness and total destruction? It´s up to us to find out, on this high-paced special-effects driven adventure ride through space, low compression rates, pixels and love.

Is it just me, or is the opening reminiscent of the He-Man/She-Ra cartoons from the ‘80s? Check it out; it’s so bad it’s good… 😉

The Aging of Driko

Please join the other guest contributors and those of us who know and love our Blog Host Driko in celebrating the passing of yet another demographic speed bump in his life and wish him Happy Birthday!

HAPPY (you know how old you are!) BIRTHDAY!