Star Trek: Enterprise Cancelled

UPN announced that Star Trek: Enterprise will be cancelled after a series finale episode to air on May 13th. When it first came on the air, I was not all that impressed, but I actually got into it this season, which seemed to fit into the continuity of other seasons better and had better storylines. Figures they cancel it now that I actually watch it. The theme song still blows, though… 😛

The State Of The Union Address Drinking Game

I almost forgot! Check out The State of the Union Address Drinking Game… 🙂

Speaking of State Of The Union Addresses, let’s take a look at how well W kept the promises he made in his past addresses (not very well)… 😛

Update: The Washington Post has a complete transcript of the address as well as the Democratic response.

More importantly, though, The Borowitz Report reveals that “In an elaborate hoax perpetrated on millions of Americans, last night’s State of the Union address was delivered not by President George W. Bush but instead by a plastic action doll,” apparently the “George W. Bush Elite Force Aviator™, a popular item released after Mr. Bush’s famous landing on the aircraft carrier USS Abraham Lincoln on May 1, 2003.” (in case you don’t get the reference, read this story) 😉