Rick James Dead At 56

Rick James“Punk funk” icon Rick James died last week of a heart attack at the age of 56. Although he was best known for his 1981 single Super Freak (which was later sampled in M.C. Hammer’s hit U Can’t Touch This), James’ career as a composer and producer spanned the ‘70s and ’80s. His (infamous) reputation was to a degree resurrected by an appearance on Chappelle’s Show; it’s a pretty funny episode if you can catch it in a rerun. I hope that he’s remembered as more than a footnote in a TV show, though…


Well, I’m back. Thanks to Shaft for his fun posts last week; he beat me to the Homestar Runner game ;-). Minnesota was better than expected, especially considering that this time around I was there in July and not January. I took some pictures while I was out there that I’ll scan in if they come out, although I have a feeling that the aquarium shots I took will be pretty crappy. Hopefully I’ll be back in the swing of things soon this week…

Rock The Bush

According to Reuters UK, Bruce Springsteen will be one of several headliners in series of concerts in the “battleground” states this fall. The “Vote for Change” tour will promote voting W out of office. There will be six different concert lineups hitting 28 cities in the first week of October. Will the Republican National Committee answer with the “Puttin’ On The Ritz” tour featuring Taco, Toby Keith, The Clash (performing “Rock the Casbah” of course), and the Billy Graham choir? I better copyright that idea before Ed Gillespie hears about it.

Am I Annoying?

Did you ever wonder who the most annoying celebrity was? Ever worry that you are annoying? Ever want to ask “among Carrot Top, Bob Saget, Limpbizkit, and Adolf Hitler which is the most annoying?” Now you can answer these questions for yourself at amiannoying.com! The site lets you judge the annoyingness of thousands of people, places, and things and see how they stack up.

By the way, if you guessed Bob Saget you win!

Homestar Goes Old-School

The Brothers Chaps over at homestarrunner.com have paid tribute to the great graphical text based adventure games of the 1980’s and 90’s. Are you gamer enough to take on the stunning 16-color graphics and 2-bit sound of Peasant’s Quest? Trogdor has burninated your home and now you must seek revenge! Check out the game trailer first and then try your hand at Peasant’s Quest.


I’m travelling to Minnesota this week, so once again I’ll be asking Shaft and Czar to pick up my slack if I can’t find a way to post. Have a good week…