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Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Boston.com reports that "when it comes to correcting papers and grading tests, purple is emerging as the new red." Educators and "color psychologists" claim that the color red is too intimidating for students and that purple makes them feel less "uncomfortable:"
A mix of red and blue, the color purple embodies red's sense of authority but also blue's association with serenity, making it a less negative and more constructive color for correcting student papers, color psychologists said. Purple calls attention to itself without being too aggressive. And because the color is linked to creativity and royalty, it is also more encouraging to students.
Royalty?! I hate this PC crap. The fact that this is being overanalyzed to begin with is ludicrous, to say nothing of the fact that "color psychologists" are being employed. I don't see anything wrong with red. As one teacher in the article pointed out, it's visible, it's obvious, and if a student sees too much of it they should strive to do better so they don't see as much the next time. Enough of this PC coddling...

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