What Games Would Had Been Made from the 70s

Atari Battlestar Galactica
The AtariAge Forums entry The 70s Games: What Games Would Had Been Made from the 70s is awesome!

Now that our old Atari VCS had turn 30th this year I think its time to go back and see what if Atari was cranking out many games using the 1970s theme from Blockbuster Movies, Cult Filmes, TV Shows and even Rock Songs. Here are some of the labels I made if Atari was making them from 1977 to 1979.

Definitely check it out (including the second page), as the thumbnail graphic above doesn’t do it justice…

General Carbuncle

General Carbuncle
The automotive homage General Carbuncle is awesome:

James R Ford is a multi-media artist currently based in London, England. For this project, initiated in 2003, he aims to transform a second-hand Ford Capri into the General Lee, from Dukes of Hazzard, by covering it in little toy cars in the appropriate colours (mainly red and orange).


Norman Borlaug: Greatest Living American?

Gregg Easterbrook of The Huffington Post writes that the “greatest living American” was all but ignored by the mainstream press when he was recently awarded the Congressional Gold Medal, America’s highest civilian award. I’ll admit that I had no idea who Norman Borlaug was before I read more about him, and it’s quite a pity that more people don’t know about this Nobel Peace Prize Winner, one of only two living American-born laureates.