Abbreviations and Acronyms

AABNCP           Advanced AirBorne National Command Post (E-4)                  
AACS             Airways and Air Communications Services
AAM              Air-to-Air Missile                                        
ABC              Advancing Blade Concept                                   
ABCCC            Airborne Battlefield Command & Control Center (EC-130)            
ACLS             Air-Cushioned Landing System (C-8)                               
Aero Ind.        Aero Industries                                           
Aerospat.        Aerospatiale
AETC             Air Education and Training Command                        
AEW              Airborne Early Warning                                    
AEW&C            Airborne Early Warning and Control                        
AGM              Air-to-Ground Missile                                       
Airship I.       Airship Industries                                        
AKA              Also Known As                                             
Amer. Heli.      American Helicopter                       
AMST             Advanced Medium STOL Transport (C-14 / C-15)              
ANG              Air National Guard                                        
ANGOSTA          Air National Guard Operational Support Transport Aircraft (C-26)                                                 
ARIA             Advanced Range Instrumentation Aircraft (EC-18, EC-135)
ARPA             Advanced Research Projects Agency
ASM              Air-to-Surface Missile                  
ASW              Anti-Submarine Warfare                                     
ATARS            Advanced Tactical Airborne Relay System                   
ATA              Advanced Tactical Aircraft (A-12)                         
ATB              Advanced Tactical Bomber (B-2)                            
ATCA             Advanced Tactical Cargo Aircraft (C-10)                         
ATF              Advanced Tactical Fighter (F-22 / F-23)                                
Atl.             Atlantic
ATSC             Air Training Systems Command?                             
AUTEC            Atlantic Underwater Test and Evaluation Center            
AWACS            Airborne Warning And Control Station (E-3, EC-137)                     
BAe              British Aerospace                                         
BAI              Battlefield Air Interdictor                               
Bell/Boe.        Bell/Boeing                                               
Ber.Joyce        Berliner-Joyce                                             
BFW-Mess.        Bayerische Flugzeug Werke-Messerschmidt                   
BLC              Boundary Layer Control                                    
Boe. Can.        Boeing Canada                                             
Boeing V.        Boeing Vertol                                             
BUFF             Big Ugly Fat Fucker/Fella (B-52)                                      
c.               circa (around)
C3               Command, Control, Communications                          
Can. C&F         Canadian Car & Foundry                                    
CAS              Close Air Support                                         
CATT             Cobra Air Interception Team (AH-1G Snake)                              
CCV              Control Configured Vehicle                                
C-FIN            Combat Flight Inspection and Navigation                   
CFT              Conformal Fuel Tanks                                      
Chance Vo.       Chance Vought                                             
Christoph.       Christopher                                               
CINC             Commander-IN-Chief
civ.             civilian                                      
COD              Carrier Onboard Delivery                                  
COIN             COunter INsurgency                                        
COMINT           COMmunications INTelligence                               
Consolid.        Consolidated                                              
Cons. Vul.       Consolidated Vultee
CRV              Crew Return Vehicle
CTOL             Conventional Take Off and Landing                               
Curt.-Wri.       Curtiss-Wright                                             
DACT             Dissimilar Air Combat Trainer                             
DARPA            Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency                 
DASH             Drone Anti-Submarine Helicopter (H-50)                       
Dass. Breg.      Dassault Breguet                                          
Dayton-Wr.       Dayton-Wright                                             
De Havil.        De Havilland                                              
demon.           demonstrator
des.             designation                                               
dev.             development
D.H.C.           De Havilland Canada                                       
DoD              Department of Defense                                     
DOS              Douglas Observation Seaplane                              
DWC              Douglas World Cruiser                                     
ECM              Electronic CounterMeasures                                
Eng. Div.        Engineering Division                                      
Eng. Res.        Engineering Research                                      
EFM              Enhanced Fighter Maneuverable (X-31)                            
ELINT            ELectronic INTelligence                                   
EW               Electronic Warfare
exper.           experimental                                        
FAC              Forward Air Control                                       
Fair. Rep.       Fairchild Republic                                        
FAST             Fuel And Sensors, Tactical
FATE             Future Aircraft Technology Enhancements                               
FICON            FIghter CONveyer (GRB-36F)                                         
FLIR             Forward-Looking InfraRed                                   
FLIT             Fighter LeadIn Trainer (AT-38)
FOD              Foreign Object Damage                       
FSW              Forward Swept Wing (X-29)                                        
G&A Aircr.       G & A Aircraft                                              
GAC              General Aircraft Corporation
GAX              Ground Attack eXperimental                             
G.D.             General Dynamics                                          
Gen. Airb.       General Airborne                                          
Gen. Avia.       General Aviation                                          
Gen. Mot.        General Motors
GLOB             Ground Loving Old Bastard ([K]C-135)
GMB              Glenn Martin Bomber
GMC              Glenn Martin Cannon
gov't            government                                  
Great La.        Great Lakes                                               
Hand. Page       Handley Page                                              
Hawk.-Sid.       Hawker-Siddeley                                           
HLH              Heavy Lift Helicopter ([C]H-62)                                    
Huff-Dal.        Huff-Daland                                                
IAI              Israeli Aircraft Industries                               
ICBM             InterContinental Ballistic Missile                        
INFANT           Iroquois Night Fighter ANd Tracker (UH-1M)                       
IR               Infra-Red
IRBM             Intermediate Range Ballistic Missile
JAST             Joint Advanced Strike ?                               
JGG              Jolly Green Giant (H-3 and variants)
JPATS            Joint Primary Aircraft Training System (T-6 Texan II)                           
JSF              Joint Strike Fighter (X-32 / X-35)
J-STARS          Joint Services Targeting Attack Radar System              
Junk.-Lar.       Junkers-Larsen                                            
Kai.-Flee.       Kaiser-Fleetwings                                         
Keys.Loe.        Keystone-Loening                                           
Krei.-Rei.       Kreider-Reisner                                           
Lai.-Kauf.       Laister-Kaufman                                           
LAMPS            Light Airborne MultiPurpose System                        
LARA             Light Army Reconnaissance Aircraft (OV-10)                       
Lawr.-Sp.        Lawrence-Sperry                                           
lb.              pound                                                     
LERX             Leading Edge Root eXtension                               
LHX              Light Helicopter eXperimental (H-66)                            
LLLTV            Low Light-Level TeleVision                                
LOH              Light Observation Helicopter (H-4, H-6 and variants)                             
LRAACA           Long-Range Air ASW Capable Aircraft (P-7)                       
LUSAGH           LePere United States Army Ground Harrassment              
LUSAO            LePere United States Army Observation                     
L.W.F.           Edmond Lowe, Jr., Charles Willard, Charles Fowler         
manu.            manufacturer
Mar.Cur.         Martin-Curtiss                                             
Mar.Kl.          Martin-Klemin
MATS             Military Air Transport Service                                           
MBB              Messerschmidt-Bolkow-Blohm                                
McDD             McDonnell Douglas                                         
MCM              Mine Counter-Measures                                      
MMS              Mast-Mounted Sight
mod.             modified                                        
MRR              Medium Range Recovery                                     
NAGPAW           North American General-Purpose Attack Weapon (A-5/A3J)             
NASA             National Aeronautics and Space Administration             
NASP             National AeroSpace Plane (X-30)                                 
NEACP            National Emergency Airborne Command Platform (E-4)             
New Stan.        New Standard                                              
NGT              New Generation Trainer (T-46 / T-48)                                   
NOAA             National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration     
North Amer.      North American                                            
Northwest.       Northwestern                                              
ORENCO           Ordinance Engineering Company                             
OSA              Operational Support Aircraft                              
PACCS            Post Attack Command and Control System (E-4)
Penn. Air.       Pennsylvania Aircraft                                     
pusher-prop.     pusher-propellor                                          
RAF              Royal Air Force
RAAF             Royal Australian Air Force                                     
RCAF             Royal Canadian Air Force
recon.           reconnaissance                                            
redes.           redesignated
RLV              Reusable Launch Vehicle                                        
RN               Royal Navy                                                
Rock.            Rockwell International                                    
RPV              Remotely Piloted Vehicle                                  
RTU              Replacement Training Unit                                 
RWR              Radar Warning Receiver                                    
SAC              Strategic Air Command                                     
SAM              Surface-to-Air Missile                                    
SAR              Search And Rescue
SBD              Silent But Deadly (A-10)                                         
Scaled Comp.     Scaled Composites
SIGINT           SIGnals INTelligence                                      
SLAR             Side-Looking Airborne Radar
SLAT             Slow Low Aerial Target (A-10)                               
SLEP             Service Life Extension Program                            
SLUF             Short Little Ugly Fucker/Fella (A-7)
SMV              Space Maneuver Vehicle                                
SOF              Special Operations Force                                  
SOTAS            Stand-Off Target Acquisition System
SSM              Surface-to-Surface Missile
SSTO             Single Stage To Orbit                 
Stea.-Boe.       Stearman-Boeing                                           
Stin.Vul.        Stinson Vultee                                            
STOL             Short Take-Off/Landing                                     
STOVL            Short Take-Off/Vertical Landing                            
strat.           strategic
Supermar.        Supermarine                                               
TAC              Tactical Air Command                                      
TACAMO           TAke Charge And Move Out (E-6, EC-130)                                 
tact.            tactical
TACOS            Tanker Aircraft, Countermeasures Or Strike (EKA-3)               
TASES            TActical Signal Exploitation System (ES-3)                      
Taylorcr.        Taylorcraft
tech.            technology                          
THAP             Tactical High-Altitude Penetrator (TR-3)                        
Thom.Mor.        Thomas-Morse                                               
TIFS             Total In-Flight Simulator                                  
TOW              Tube-launched, Optically-tracked, Wire-guided [missile]      
TTTS             Tanker Transport Training System (T-1)                         
Tucker Av.       Tucker Aviation
TV               television                                          
UAV              Unmanned Aerial Vehicle
UHB              Ultra-High Bypass                                          
UK               United Kingdom                                            
USAAC            United States Army Air Corps                              
USAAF            United States Army Air Forces                             
USAAS            United States Army Air Service                            
USAF             United States Air Force                                   
USAGF            United States Army Ground Forces
USANG            United States Air National Guard                          
USB              Upper-Surface Blowing                                      
USCG             United States Coast Guard
USMC             United States Marine Corps                                 
USN              United States Navy                                        
USNR             United States Naval Reserve                               
UTTAS            Utility Tactical Transport Aircraft System                
VATOL            Vertical Attitude Take-Off/Landing                        
VERTREP          VERTical REPlenishment                                    
Vid.-Vult.       Viddell-Vultee                                            
VIP              Very Important Person                                     
Vought-Sik.      Vought-Sikorsky                                           
VTO              Vertical Take-Off                                          
VTOL             Vertical Take-Off and Landing                             
Wed.Will.        Wedell-Williams                                            
WWII             World War II                                              

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