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Designation Official, Popular Name(s) Manufacturer 1st Flight or Appearance Role(s)/Notes

Z-1         Pawnee                Hiller              "flying platform"

Z-1                               Goodyear    1962    redes. ZPG - airship AEW

Z-1                               TBD         ?       USN ASW airship

Z-2                               Vertol      1960?   tilt-wing research

Z-2                               Airship     1989    USN EW, multirole airship

Z-3         Vertiplane            Ryan        1960?   VTOL research convertiplane

Z-4         Convertiplane         Doak        1960?   experimental VTOL ducted propellor

Z-5                               Fairchild   1960?   VTOL research

Z-6                               Chrysler    1960?   VTOL ducted-fan

Z-7                               Cur.-Wr.    1960?   VTOL research

Z-8         Airgeep, Seageep      Piasecki    1960?   VTOL aircraft - low-level observation &

Z-9                               Avro        1960?   flying saucer research

Z-10        Hummingbird           Lockheed    1962    redes. V-4

Z-11                              Ryan        1960?   VTOL research

Z-12        Kestrel               Haw-Sid     1960?   VTOL research

ZMC                                           1929    experimental Metal-Clad airship

ZO-4                                          1974    designation reserved - LTA observation?

ZPN                               Goodyear    1950    initial designation ZPG

ZPG                               Goodyear    1954    non-rigid AEW patrol airship - redes. ZPN

ZR                                N.A.F.              oceanic patrol rigid airship

ZRS                               Goodyear    1933    USN airship
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