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Designation Official, Popular Name(s) Manufacturer 1st Flight or Appearance Role(s)/Notes

WF (E-1)    Willy Fudd, Tracer    Grumman     1954    USN AEW - development TF-1W (-2), S2F(-1)

W2F (E-2)   Hawkeye, Hummer       Lockheed    1960    USN AEW

WU                                Vought      1955    proposed USN AEW

WV (C-69/   Warning Star,         Lockheed    1950    redesignated PO-1/2W - AEW C-69/C-121
    C-121)  Willy Victor

WB-29       Superfortress         Boeing      1945?   weather recon. B-29

WB-47       Stratojet             Boeing      1963    weather recon. B-47

WB-50       Superfortress         Boeing      1954    weather recon. B-50

WB-57       Canberra              Martin/G.D. 1956    weather recon., post-nuclear fallout
                                                      air sampling B-57

WB-66       Destroyer             Douglas     1957    weather recon. B-66

WC-130B     Hercules              Lockheed    1962    USAF/NOAA hurricane tracking C-130

WC-135B     Stratolifter          Boeing      1965    weather recon. C-135B

WP                                Wright      1924    USN pursuit

WP-3D       Orion                 Lockheed    1975    Department of Commerce/NOAA weather recon. P-3

WT-33       T-Bird                Lockheed    1948?   weather recon. T-33

WU-2                              Lockheed            high-altitude recon. U-2
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