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Designation Official, Popular Name(s) Manufacturer 1st Flight or Appearance Role(s)/Notes

V-1          Convertiplane        McDonnell   1954    Army/USAF experimental twin-boom - redes. H-35
                                                      pusher-propellor convertiplane w/jet rotor tips - redes. H-35/L-25

V-1(OF/AO-1)Mohawk                Grumman     1960    STOL observation - redes. AO-1

V-2                               Sikorsky    1955    experimental convertiplane

V-2 (AC-1)  Caribou               D.H.C.      1960    Army STOL - redes. AC-1 - later C-7

V-3                               Bell        1955    Army experimental convertiplane - redes. H-33

V-3                                           ?       designation reserved for Army STOL

V-4         Hummingbird           Lockheed    1962    experimental VTOL research, 4 vertical jets &
                                                      2 horizontal jets - redes. VZ-10

V-5         Vertifan              Ryan        1962    Army/NASA experimental VTOL research with
                                                      "fan-in-wing" - redes. VZ-11

V-6         Kestrel               Haw.Sidd.   1962    USAF/USN/Army evaluation of experimental STOVL
                                                      aircraft - redes. VZ-12
V-6B        Harrier               McDD/BAe    1971    probable correct designation2 in "V" series for AV-8												  

V-7 (AC-2)  Buffalo               D.H.C.      1960    Army STOL - redes. AC-2 - later C-8

V-8                               Ryan        1960    Army experimental flexible-wing "powered kite"

V-8         Harrier, Harrier II,  McDD/BAe    1971    USMC STOVL multirole close support attack
            Super Harrier, Jump Jet, Scarier,         fighter2
            Whistling Shitcan

V-9         Hot Cycle             Hughes      1970    Army experimental hot-cycle propulsion
                                                      research helicopter

V-10        Bronco, J-STARS       Rockwell    1965    USN/USMC/USAF FAC, LARA, J-STARS

V-11        Marvel                MSU         1969    Army experimental STOL, BLC, & wing camber
                                                      change research with ducted pusher-prop. -
                                                      all-fiberglass construction; development of AZ-1

V-12                              Rockwell    1972    USN experimental VATOL ground attack fighter

V-13                                                  unassigned for superstitious reasons?

V-14                                                  unassigned, possibly to avoid confusion with
                                                      Bell X-14 ([X]V-15 used instead)

V-15        Tiltrotor             Boeing      1977    Army/NASA experimental convertiplane

V-16                              BAe         1973    proposed advanced version AV-8A offered to
                                                      USN/USMC, RAF/RN

V-17                                          1973    assigned for Army XV-17A; no details known

V-18        Twin Otter            D.H.C.      1976    Army STOL utility transport

V-19                                          1977    reserved for USN; cancelled in 1980

V-20        Chiricahua            Pilatus     1979    Army STOL transport-modified civilian PC-6

V-21                                          1983    des. reserved by Navy for a tilt-rotor blimp;
                                                      incorrect - should be Z-3

V-22        Osprey                Bell/Boe.   1989    USAF/USN/USMC/Army multirole tiltrotor

V-23        Scout                 Skytrader   1989    Army STOL airlift

VA-3        Skywarrior            Douglas     1970?   executive transport A-3

VB-1        Azon                  ATSC/AMC    1942?   "Azimuth only" bomb, 1000 lb.

VB-2                              AMC         1942?   VB-1 variant, 2000 lb.

VB-3        Razon                 AMC         1942?   "Range and azimuth" bomb, 1000 lb.

VB-4                              AMC         1942?   VB-3 variant, 2000 lb.

VB-5                              AMC         1942?   2000 lb. bomb

VB-6        Felix                 AMC         1942?   bomb with IR-homing, 1000 lb.

VB-7                              AMC         1942?   TV-guided bomb

VB-8                              AMC         1942?   VB-7 variant

VB-9        ROC                   Douglas     1942?   Radar guided bomb

VB-10                             Douglas     1942?   VB-9 with radio and TV-guidance

VB-11                             Douglas     1942?   VB-9 with IR-guidance

VB-12                             Douglas     1942?   VB-9 with visual guidance

VB-13       Tarzon                Bell        1942?   12000 lb. bomb; later ASM-A-1

VB-26       Invader               Douglas     1944    VIP transport B-26 Invader

VB-26       Marauder              Martin      1950    VIP transport B-26

VC-3                              Martin      1962    VIP transport C-3

VC-4        Gulfstream I          Gulfstream  1953    USCG VIP transport Gulfstream I

VC-6                              Beech       1977    VIP transport King Air 90

VC-7A       Caribou               D.H.C.      1980?   Army VIP transport C-7

VC-9C                             McDD        1970    special executive transport C-9

VC-11       Gulfstream II         Gulfstream  1961    USCG VIP transport Gulfstream II

VC-12       Huron                 Beech       1970?   VIP transport C-12

VC-25       Air Force One         Boeing      1990    VIP transport C-25

VC-45J      Expeditor             Beech       1960    Army VIP/staff transport - ex-USN
(SNB-5)                                               SNB-5(UC-45J)

VC-47H/J    Skytrain              Douglas     1950?   USAF/USN/Army executive/VIP transport C-47 -
(R4D-5/6Z)                                            redes. from USN R4D-5Z

VC-54       Skymaster, Sacred Cow Douglas     1944    staff, presidential (Pres. Roosevelt) transport C-54 -
(R5D)                                                  redes. R5D-1Z(N), -2Z(P), 3Z(Q), -5Z(S)

VC-97                             Boeing      1954    airborne command post C-97

VC-117      Super DC-3, Skytrain  Douglas     1962    VIP transport - redes. R4D-8Z
(R4D-8Z)    II

VC-118      Independence,          Douglas     1947    President Truman's,Eisenhower's transport DC-6
            Columbine II/III

VC-121      Constellation         Lockheed    1948    VIP transport C-121

VC-123      Provider              Fairchild   1952    Gen. Westmoreland's VIP transport C-123

VC-131H     Samaritan             Convair     1955    USN staff transport C-131D/R4Y-1Z - redes. as
(R4Y-1Z)                                              C-131H

VC-135                            Boeing      1965    VIP transport C-135

VC-137                            Boeing      1959    high-priority passenger, cargo transport -
                                                      civilian 707 derivative

VC-137C     Air Force One         Boeing      1959    presidential VC-137 transport

VC-140      JetStar               Lockheed    1960?   VIP transport C-140

VE-7                              Vought      1921    USN trainer, observation, fighter biplane

VE-9                              Vought      1921    USN reengined VE-7

VH-1        Huey                  Bell        1970?   USN/USMC/Army VIP transport UH-1 (Army des.

VH-3        Sea King              Sikorsky    1962    Army/USMC VIP transport H-3

VH-34       Choctaw               Sikorsky    1962    VIP transport/Executive Flight Detachment H-34

VH-53       Stallion              Sikorsky    1975    VIP transport H-53

VH-60                             Sikorsky    1988    USMC VIP transport modified UH-60

VP-3        Orion                 Lockheed    1970?   VIP transport P-3

VT-29                             Convair     1950?   staff transport T-29

VZ-1        Pawnee                Hiller      1956    USN/Army VTOL "flying platform" research -
(HO-1E)                                               redes. HO-1E

VZ-2                              Vertol      1958    USN/Army tilt-wing research

VZ-3        Vertiplane            Ryan        1958    Army VTOL research with full-span flaps &
                                                      deflection jet nozzle in tail

VZ-4        Convertiplane         Doak        1959    Army experimental VTOL ducted-fan airscrew

VZ-5        Fledgling             Fairchild   1959    Army VTOL research with 4 propellors and
                                                      full-span flaps - took off at 45 degree

VZ-6                              Chrysler    1959    Army "flying jeep" hovercraft with 2 ducted

VZ-7                              Curt.-Wri.  1958    Army "flying jeep" craft with 4 downward

VZ-8        Airgeep               Piasecki    1959    Army "flying jeep" VTOL low-level observation,
                                                      liaison with downward ducted rotor

VZ-8        Seageep               Piasecki    1959    Army VZ-8 Airgeep with floats

VZ-9        Avrocar               Avro        1961    Army/USAF experimental VTOL flying saucer

VZ-10       Hummingbird           Lockheed    1960    Army VTOL research with jet-ejector lift
                                                      system - later V-4

VZ-11       Vertifan              Ryan        1960    Army/NASA VTOL research with fan-in-wing - later

VZ-12       Kestrel               Hawk.-Sid.  1960    Army VTOL research - later V-6
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